• aftcast

    A programmable variably-stochastic abstract image generator. June 2008 – May 2011. #web

  • Breakfast At Any Cost Calculator

    A calculator that determines the nearest international McDonald's location that would be serving breakfast by the time you arrive. March 2009. #web

  • Chicken Fever In Fukuoka

    A three-track chipmusic EP running the gamut from rebellion to revelry. July 2011. #music

  • Delta Integrale

    Bittersweet electro/rock collaboration. LSD & Les Incoiffables. December 2015. #music

  • Deuxième

    A two-track chipmusic EP with oscillating waves and vibrating strings reluctantly forming a united front. December 2011. #music

  • 鼓楼

    A song about a city and the people and places within it. December 2017. #music

  • 高田万由子

    Ninety seconds of danceable polyrhythmic chipmusic. October 2012. #music

  • miles

    A diversion that randomly throws words together to create concepts for new musical genres. December 2010. #web

  • One Pattern

    Half an hour of hard-hitting advanced chip bass dance music. January 2016. #music


    Severe, relentless chip bass dance music. July 2016. #music

  • ortsz–o–matic quiz

    Questions and answers on demand. July 2012 – October 2014. #web

  • SUPERA~1

    Suffocatingly dense chipmusic/rock with progressive and noise tendencies. Originally written and recorded 2012–2014, abridged release June 2016. #music